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Heart of KC - white
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Heart of KC

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Our "Heart of KC" t-shirt embraces the charm and spirit of Kansas City in a whimsical yet bold design. This graphic tee features Kansas City intricately laid out within a heart symbol, encapsulating our city's captivating cityscapes, dazzling landmarks, and the unique essence of American Romanticism. The dark cyan and light crimson palette bring a vibrant energy to the design, reflecting the love and passion we carry for our city. Created in the style of detailed character illustrations, the design represents a fine blend of editorial artistry, bold graphic elements, and a hint of folk-inspired motifs. With a comfortable fit and a stand-out design, this shirt is the perfect way to wear your KC pride on your sleeve.

Fitted Cotton/Poly T-Shirt by Next Level
slimmer fit
S 27.48 in 19.02 in 7.24 in
M 28.98 in 20.51 in 7.48 in
L 30.04 in 21.5 in 7.99 in
XL 30.98 in 22.99 in 9.25 in
2XL 31.5 in 25 in 9.72 in
3XL 32.01 in 27.99 in 9.72 in
4XL 33.98 in 30 in 9.8 in
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"Yessir. Shipped out to me relatively quick within like 4 days...the shirts look awesome and most importantly are so dang comfortable!!! Thank you" - Lamar Wallace



"I don't think i could have made a better selection"

Michael Gorman
Kansas City,Mo

"Definitely the shop spot to be on before I travel. I love repping my city wherever I go. The shirts and the hats make it plain that KC is my home."

Marsha Garrett

Great tee design! This is a must have

Kerry England
Lee's Summit, Mo

I think my wife will love this!!

Bryan Calloway
Kansas City, Mo

Nice Simple design that gets straight to the point, I wish i'd gotten it one size bigger but i like the cut of the shirt.

Randy Paige
Kansas City, MO
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